We at SHF, partner with like minded organisations to trigger a wave of change across the world. Our partnerships help us in promoting our cause, while helping our partners achieve their goals

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Global Alliances

Menstrual Cup Coalition

The Menstrual Cup Coalition is a voluntary affiliation which connects people and organisations to share experience and knowledge on cup provision and use. By combining strengths and working together, the impact of our work can improve further. The coalition aims to improve the quality and range of research, and build evidence on the valuable role menstrual cups can play to improve girl's and women's sexual and reproductive health, dignity and equity. Sirona is a proud member of the Menstrual Cup Coalition.

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Embrace the Cycle

A social campaign aiming to facilitate and initiate dialogue on Menstrual Hygiene Management among boys/girls, men/women. They are the protagonist towards having Cup Conversations among the youth including college students in Nepal.

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Friends of Sirona

Karuna Prem

Literally meaning Compassion and love, our friendship with Karuna Prem has led to successful implementation of many programs till now.

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Pure Hearts

Pure Hearts is a family of passionate like-minded supporters and communities coming together, to raise funds and spread awareness on various social causes that impact our society. Pure Hearts has been spreading awareness on environmental issues and plastic contamination; and promoting a sustainable and greener lifestyle with water conservation and waste management drive. Their campaign "Meri Pehchaan", aims at educating women about the benefits of the menstrual cup and the positive impact on the environment by switching from sanitary napkins/ cloth pads. Led by a group of selfless women, their campaign has received enthusiastic support and great success.

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Rotary Clubs

With the shared goal of serving people everywhere and improving their life, SHF has partnered with multiple Rotary Clubs across India. Such partnerships have already resulted in 2500 police officers being cupverted by Rotary Bangalore and many women in Maharashtra learning about sustainable menstruation through Rotary Pune

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Rotaract Clubs

The youth are the future and our partnership with the young student volunteers of Rotaract clubs has reasserted our belief in involving young students as ambassadors of social change

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DivInPro, is our community partner for Dehradun Project. They have setup the ‘First of its Kind’ Women led ‘Menstrual Cup Helpline’ to provide complete assistance and for Follow Ups for the project.

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Corporate Partnerships

WTW India

Powered by the enthusiasm and motivation of team WTW, Sirona has successfully organised Project Badlav and is on track to start Project Aadya.

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SLCM Group

Serving the cause of rural agricultural workers and policewomen of rural Haryana was made possible by the generosity of Agri-Industry leaders SLCM

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UPES University Dehradun

UPES University Dehradun,

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